Look At That! Community Highlight III

Heyo! Haven't done these in a while… Let's take look at some amazing lowpoly art created with Pribambase. Give these artists a little or a lot of your support, please!

All work is shown by embedding the original artist posts. That tech is a bit janky(>人<;). e.g. Firefox may mistakenly block things from loading.

Two artists whom you might’ve seen in previous highlights, Manhole and AHintOfLime are now working together on a pixtex style game called Mars Tactics.

They're sharing various stuff about it at the project's twitter

IllusionOfMana is up to something as well.

An uncommon way of using pribambase: Mrmo Tarius tried using blender as a preview window of sorts, but with effect applied.

Finally, models!

Yours truly couldn't resist self-plug urges ( > - " )

Thank you for reading! Until next time…

If you'd rather not see yorself included here, please reach out via comment/dm/any other way; reason not required.

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